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Call us at 828-359-5575 to learn about job opportunities here at the Cherokee Children's Home. ... See MoreSee Less

Call us at 828-359-5575 to learn about job opportunities here at the Cherokee Childrens Home.


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3 weeks ago

Cherokee Children's Home

Come support the Cherokee Youth Council today! We have breakfast ready to eat! ... See MoreSee Less

The most important facts we can share about the Cherokee Children’s Home are these:

For the year 2017 we provided food, safety, and shelter for a total of 3,921 days of care for 48 children. Our placements are counted as one day per child. If we had 10 children for 10 days, that would total 100 days of care.

The significance of the number 3,921 is a summation of each child’s time with us; These are days that means that a child did not have to worry about where their next meal was coming from, or where they were going to stay, or fear that an unwanted person was going to enter their room at night. 3,921 means they did not have to see their parents abusing one another or being abused themselves. 3,921 means they did not have to worry about finding their parent injecting and abusing drugs and on the verge of an overdose or traveling to questionable places that compromised their safety at a drug dealer’s house. 3,921 means they were protected and given the necessities that every child deserves, including time to be just that, a child.

While children are in our care, they receive mental health services, medical services, dental services, learn basic life skills, and more. We are an ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) approved placement facility with state licensure. We are here for our children and are grateful to have the opportunity to intervene in the lives of these children.
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wonder if there is an expansion planned for the future.

Thank you Cherokee Children’s Home for all that you do for our kids and this community!

Thank you for all you do for these wonderful little people n young adults! 💗

More interesting facts for 2017

Fact 3: Over 10,500 meals were served that includes breakfast, lunch (during holidays and breaks) and supper.

Fact 4: Over 4,000 snacks were served. Each child receives an afternoon snack.

Fact 5: An average of 12 gallons of milk are purchased weekly.

As part of state licensure the meals that are provided are created with the assistance of a Registered Dietician. Robin Bailey-Callahan who works with Cherokee Choices approves and signs all of the menus that focus on a balanced diet incorporating cultural foods and fun foods alike.

Our food budget is quite enormous! The Cherokee community helps feed our children by donating during the Chief's Bingo events and other food drives.

Here is a list of items we use frequently:
Fresh, frozen, canned vegetables
Fresh, frozen, canned fruits
Canned beans
Canned tuna and salmon
Cooking oils (olive and canola)
Crackers (whole wheat/grain)
Herbs and Spices
Granola bars and other breakfast bars
Whole grain cereals
Whole grain pasta
Peanut butter
Whole grain rice
Meats (turkey, hamburger, chicken)

Children are typically accustomed to an unhealthy diet of processed food and fast food. It takes a small adjustment to eating home cooked food. However, it does not take long for the children to enjoy the taste of real food.
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